Good educational values

Our school has created the best set educational values that will help the student excel in school and in life by the time they graduate from our school.

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Best Teachers and Facilities

Our school staff is one of the best in the country and couple that with facilities that sourround our student we have created the environment for our student to do well in their studies

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Best exam results

We have found a way to improve our students morals but also help the perform well in their exams.

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Mr.Abraham Lekinjieye the School Founder and Chairman of the School board.
Mrs. Miriam Lekinjieye Founder and School Director


Giftskilful School started in 1998 with 3 students of the age of 2 to 3 years as a nursery school,and this being the only nursery school at Mbezi kwa Msuguri.With the blessings of God the number went on increasing to the point where the owner who are Mr and Mrs Abraham Likinjieye who volunteered their residence to be the startng point to fulfil the dream of Miriam Emmanuel Kilimiani(Mrs Abraham) a teacher by profession to introduce the beginning of Gift skilful schools.

Before 2009,Giftskilful had a nursery and primary school section,then in 2009 Secondary school branch started at Kibaha Mwendapole coast region whereby our first form four NECTA exam product was in 2012.The school registration number is S4102.Currently our school enrols students up to Advanced level Education.


Giftskilful Education Development Trust Centre Group Limited will shine with brilliance and in harmony with the community.


We aim to nurture our students into succesful and healthy individuals with good character,integrity and love for our country Tanzania and the tenacity to excel in whatever they do.


To build Academic excellency with skills


We believe that all students have the ABILITY to learn and the potential to excel


1.To provide education which enable students to have a better future in newly and professional skills attained.

2.To promote Tanzania education for indigneous to the standard of international level.

3.To promote the use of modern teaching tools and equipment eg IT.

Strategic Objective

To provide education with skills which will in reach a student to have shining future in their education.


The school has spacious and well equipped classrooms which accomodate 30 students each has its own dedicated,experienced and highly qualified teachers in all subjects taught.